Monday, December 17, 2012

Spiritual Truths (@TheGodLight) tweeted at 9:04 AM on Mon, Dec 17, 2012: A time will come when you wake up to reality, you will see that we are all as one, journeying back home to Heaven. ( Get the official Twitter app at

Wednesday, December 12, 2012


When I woke up today, I was finishing up my dream. In my dream right before I woke up, it was a global meditation like the one taking place today. The main thing I remember me saying was "I feel like everything is flowing perfect and freely" I was doing breathing techniques and I felt all the energies flowing through my body so strongly it was nothing like I've ever felt.

Something is happening and its growing more and more each day. Not just with me, but with everyone opening their eyes.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Be yourself

I've also come to realize that idgaf about what other people think of me. I am me. That's all I'm going to be, and I'm not going to change to fit something that they like or is missing. You take me how I am, or your not worth my time. No ones opinion of you should affect at how you look at yourself.

Angels do exsist

Andres was talking to me and danny about how astral traveling is dangeours, and oujia boards and such. I said , I love astral traveling that I remembered from when I was younger. And as for bad things possesioning me, I don't see a problem with that happening to me. Danny looked at andres in the most serious like vibe from what he said. He said "I'm not worried about sydney, she is very very protected" I kinda laughed it off, but I get it. I don't want to jinx it by saying it. But I honestly think I have protectors. Because I do believe we are our own god, but at the same time like the wheel of time said about how anyone could enter it, or learn to channel the dream world (spiritual world, and assceding consiousness) but there were a few that were the protectors of that world, because with positive spirits there comes evil with that. So you would need protectors(angels) to be there and able to reincarnate to protect the ones that need it right now. My spirit guide said I needed guidance, and I think it was already inside of me, and not just that. No matter what the fuck adam and edward say, they are my guardians. Even when I was little nothing really scary has happened to me to do with strangers taking my life or any life threatening thing. Still today, the bad souled people tend to just look and stay away.maybe I am protected by something bigger then myself. I do believe in a god, a higher power above us and what we can do, so I thank him for having my protectors watch over


Music is another big thing for our soul. You look around, music has always been there. Its our souls way to escaping in the sound. Music tells stories of peoples lives, and it connects to so many people going through the same shit. If we just realized how connected we are, any problem that is happening has happened and conqured by someone else, if we join together, we can do so much good, instead of this turmoil going on in the world. Music is our physical self, subconsiously connecting to the higher frequenices of our higher consiousness. The spirit realm. Its a release for us. It let's you subconsiously know your not alone. If people rised to their true selves, the connection could be so much greater

My life changing revalation. Always been there, finally discovered fully

Its like, after last night I finally figured out today when I got high, why I don't like getting high around so many other people. After last night when I realized, truely realized what my soul and look on life is. I'm so distant from everything, its like I'm caught in between two worlds. The pyshycial world, and my world, my world that is my souls realm, the spiritual world that I so badly want to be back too. I'm so fucking seceptable to everything from people. There looks, there energys, their world in their heads, that getting high just raises it even more. I become even more distant....even more attuned to this thing, I'm struggling to understand and control. It makes it hard. I can learn things and slow things down in my head to where I can absorb everything its trying to teach me when I'm high, but at the same time, I can't control the world behind my eyes. I've been so alone and outcasted my whole life because I honestly think I've been able to see their real side, not just the front they put up of people, and I've seen the chaos of life on this planet at this day and age, that's caused me to always think I'm crazy. But after last night... I know all this shit in my head isn't just me being crazy, its me becoming closer to asscension, to the next consiousness. People tend to think that this physical world is all there is, this way of life, is the only normal way. Its not, we've fucked this planet up with how far from unity and togetherness we have came too.

I know that if we just woke up, saw what we were doing, and all the things we could become. My dad may think I'm crazy, my friends may think I'm crazy, my own head may think I'm crazy, but I know ME, I know deep down that I'm not, and I'm on the right path. Things don't happen in coiencedince. When I remember back to last year, or even two years ago... the point I was then, and the point I'm at now, and how much i feel inside that I've grown to be the person I am today. That was in just a year, think if I continued on this path to enlightenment. I can't wait to see the healing things I can do once I do reiki and massage therapy. I'm ready, I'm ready for 2012, I'm ready for the end to create this new begining. Circles and lines. Brian may not want anything to do with me , but that theroy right there has helped me open my eyes. Our soul is never ending, but we can never go back in time, we have a path, a straight line. A series of events that will continue going on no matter what physical or other bodys we might be in. Our soul is infinite. We are infinite, we are universal. I think therefore I am.

My journey

Its really amazing to look back to just a couple months ago, and then look to the present time and see how much I've grown in such little time. I still had questions about what was going on in my head, i still didn't understand. I never will FULLY understand, but I've gotten a much better perspective on it all. I'm too grateful for what has happened to me in my life, because without it, I wouldn't have gotten to this point that I've finally came to now. I'm grateful for people, for us as a unity whole. We are all truly connected and without that we would all be stuck in our own minds with no where to go. Lets wake up and ascend even more people, lets be connected like it should and use to be, imagine all the things we can do