Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Angels do exsist

Andres was talking to me and danny about how astral traveling is dangeours, and oujia boards and such. I said , I love astral traveling that I remembered from when I was younger. And as for bad things possesioning me, I don't see a problem with that happening to me. Danny looked at andres in the most serious like vibe from what he said. He said "I'm not worried about sydney, she is very very protected" I kinda laughed it off, but I get it. I don't want to jinx it by saying it. But I honestly think I have protectors. Because I do believe we are our own god, but at the same time like the wheel of time said about how anyone could enter it, or learn to channel the dream world (spiritual world, and assceding consiousness) but there were a few that were the protectors of that world, because with positive spirits there comes evil with that. So you would need protectors(angels) to be there and able to reincarnate to protect the ones that need it right now. My spirit guide said I needed guidance, and I think it was already inside of me, and not just that. No matter what the fuck adam and edward say, they are my guardians. Even when I was little nothing really scary has happened to me to do with strangers taking my life or any life threatening thing. Still today, the bad souled people tend to just look and stay away.maybe I am protected by something bigger then myself. I do believe in a god, a higher power above us and what we can do, so I thank him for having my protectors watch over

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