Sunday, September 9, 2012

Us As A Greater Thought.

Who are we ?

A good friend of mine began me on this spiritual journey. The first day we started on this journey, he told me "We are but one part of a much bigger thing. Every problem that you, me, or anyone else has had.... has happened thousands of times over, by many many people. If we realize that we are all connected, and come together, all the problems of the world would be solved."

The only problem with that, is the fact that humans are so out of wack with there spiritual beings. Their highers. That they concentrate too much on the individual.

Have you ever had a moment where you knew exactly what someone was thinking or going to do, then it happened?
Have you ever predicted something in your life with someone you knew to happen, and it did?
Are you able to "feel" peoples emotions at times?

These and so much more are all things that happen, and can be tapped into because of the energies, and ether energies that are constantly part of us. It is something we all possess, but have lost touch with because of the mind set of "real material things" that have been programmed into us from the time we were infants, by society and the world around us. The electromagnetic radiation put out by our vast technological advances have interrupted these, and made it even harder for us to access this.  Scientists call this electromagnetic pollution. It comes from out phones, our computers, anything that has to do with technology. 

The point of this post, is to open your mind a little bit to the world around us. We are individuals, but at the same time, we are part of something much bigger. Look around, at your family, at your friends. They all have something to offer. There was once a time were the world was at peace, long before any of the things we have now. Monks understand this, Priests to a certain extent, and many other people that are waking up to the world and seeing it how it should be seen. Our bodies in this world is but a mere speck of the life, and journey we have been on and continue to go on. Everything is perception. 

Ill leave off with this quote
"Everyone has something to learn, and Everyone has something to teach"

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