Monday, September 17, 2012

Just a thought

Its weird looking around at people in my class. Just looking at them and getting glimpses of their perspectives. A glimpse of the world through their eyes. Its really mind blowing to think of all the kids in this school and all the different energies and souls just existing with each other. The sad part of it all is that most of them are so stuck in their own head, they don't even try to see past their own eyes. Just seeing so many people interact intrigues me. It really makes me wonder of all the different possibilities that are in this world. Every single one of these people have their own individual problems. All of them, some better then others , put on this front. This act that makes other people think their life is perfect, with their phones, clothes, money, etc. but they all have problems. If we would just wake up and see the world, see ourselves, all of our problems could be solved. We are all part of a bigger thing. Humans, animals, anything with life is all connected. Why do you think we can feel each others emotions. Understand each other with just a look at times, why telepaths exist. People think that its all a myth or made up, but there's a truth to it. Its all energies and some people can access it better then others. People tend to shut out any idea that isn't based on logic, but honestly, not everything is logic. Life is a contradiction. Without contradictions, balance and equality would not be possible. Contradictions are the basis of life itself.

Without light there cannot be darkness. The light protects you from the darkness
Without darkness there cannot be light. The darkness guards us from the light

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